Hi guys! We’re Eve Campbell, a recent English Literature graduate and Eden Palmer, a current English Language student, and this summer we’ve been working on an internship promoting and attracting submissions to the Mesh Journal, which publishes high-quality undergraduate work that makes interesting connections between two or more of the various strands of English, including literature, language/linguistics, creative writing, drama, media and film studies.  We’d love to give you an insight into how the internship worked and what we got up to!

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the creative minds behind the Integrating English website, Andrea, Marcello and Billy. They have given us some fantastic insights into the importance of uniting the English disciplines and how they have worked together to get MESH to where it is today. They have constantly asked for our thoughts and ideas on how MESH should run which has been one of the most rewarding parts of this experience.

As we are both interested in the subject of English, our degrees have allowed us to be creative in the way we express our views which is something that we have translated to this process. This was most apparent in the way that Andrea, Marcello and Billy allowed us to come up with the idea for the latest issue of MESH. The issue will focus on reviews written by undergraduate students on books, films, podcasts etc that they have consumed during last year’s lockdowns. Therefore, anyone with an interest in English-focused content is welcome to submit an article!

Another creative aspect to our internship was strategizing ways to promote MESH online. With our fellow intern Louisa Picaud, we suggested changes to make to the website such as updating the layout and including a submission box to make it easier to upload articles to the journal. Additionally, there have been further talks to establish a larger social media presence for MESH, which you might see in the future! This was beneficial to us as we were able to strengthen our IT based skills, which is a valuable employability skill. So, if you are interested in an internship that has a social media/marketing side to it, this one might be for you! 

Another technology-based skill that we acquired from the internship was through making Excel spreadsheets of societies and organisations which were English based both locally and globally. Louisa led this aspect of the internship as she has strong global connections and was able to help us come up with a strategy of how to reach out to a large number of contacts. 

We’re looking forward to receiving our submissions and bringing the project together because of the responsibility we’ve been given to develop the project to its full potential. Who knows where it will take us? We’re excited to find out!

 Overall, our internship has allowed us to be ambitious, creative, and has given us transferable skills that we can use in our future careers such as team building, communication, and time management. We’d recommend an internship to anyone who wants to build their CV and get a taste for the world of professional work! 

If you’re interested in MESH and would like to find out more about submissions, here is the link to the website: MESH journal | integratingenglish

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