A Place for Linguistics in the UK Languages Curriculum?

We’re very much looking forward to our next English Language and Linguistics seminar at 12noon on Wednesday 11th of May 2022. The speaker is Professor Michelle Sheehan from Newcastle University and she will be sharing findings from the Linguistics in Modern Foreign Languages project: https://linguisticsinmfl.co.uk

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The language of the lake


Today’s puzzle from Alex Bellos in The Guardian requires a range of skills which can be developed in English Language programmes (and in other subjects, including maths).

As Alex says, today’s puzzle is ‘hard, but not impossible’. He also suggests that working on puzzles like this can help you develop the skills needed to find a job with technology firms such as google. That suggestions is based on this article by Sam Gibbs in which he reports thoughts from google’s head of search, Ben Gomes.

Alex’s puzzle is one that has been used in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, one of several linguistics olympiads held around the world which then select teams to enter the International Linguistics Olympiad. The UK Linguistics Olympiad has been  very successful with lots of school students taking part each year.

You have until 5pm UK time today to solve it before Alex reveals the answer . . .